Rainbowbirdrescue a sancuary for exotic birds
CHARITY    REGISTRATION     NUMBER....... 1165772                                                                                                                      charity  rigistered   name: ..... Rainbowwarriers           

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Welcome to our website, we are a rescue and Sanctuary for exotic birds and will accommodate any bird no matter what their needs. We are a well established organisation who also work along side some of the other genuine rescues and Sanctuary's. We have several beautiful Aviary's situated in Manchester and wales to accommodate our rescues and also some very good house parents who are people that we have personally vetted to take care of some of our rescues. If you surrender a parrot to us we promise to keep you updated on the progress of your parrots or if you would like to come on board as one of our rescued Parrot house parents then please get in touch. We do not ask for an adoption or fostering fee as the wellbeing of our birds is the most important thing to us. However we do ask that you make a donation to our charity (but this is not compulsory) so we can continue to give our birds the best of everything. 

Our policies and guide lines are that all the birds that come into our rescue will always belong to us and we continue to communicate with all our house parents enabling us to make sure that all our birds are well looked after as I am sure they will be because we only place birds where it is most suitable for the bird and our birds are not kept 24/7 in tiny cages and must have lots of time out thus making a pet bird a happy and healthy companion. Thank you...From all the team. 

If you would like to visit any of our other pages then you can access them from the bottom header as the top header isn't working at the moment and I am not to sure why.  

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