Rainbowbirdrescue a sancuary for exotic birds
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The Kakariki male parrot sat on top of my cabinet is called Malzino, he was the first bird I ever rescued and is the reason I founded this charity, and perhaps partly because of him I have been lead to rescued many other bird species. 

I am dedicated to the rescue care rehabilitation and rehoming of the rescued birds and the sanctuary currently houses 10 cockatiels, 4 finches 6 budgies, 13 Kakarikies 2 Senegal Parrots and a blue fronted conure. I have had at least 35 birds that have passed through the sanctuary doors and many of them are all now settled in good foster homes. however we do have some birds that will stay with us forever.

If you go to our face book page or if you type in FB, missy Dwyer, my page will come up and you will see on there some photos of our latest birds. We have 2 beautiful male cockatiels who will soon go to their new foster home and one who has fostered our birds before, they are also a charity called the children's adventure centre.  

Hopefully we will have the time next year to go into colleges and schools to educate the public on the correct way to care for pet birds, and the importance our bird species have on the planets eco systems and the part they do play on the future survival of the worlds human populations. 

You yourselves can invite them into your gardens and play a role into keeping their populations thriving instead of many becoming extinct. You could plant trees and put tables and bird feeders out, so they can feed through out the cold winter months and the breeding seasons. Even our own native bird populations are at risk from extinction and if they go then so will we.

I still cannot believe that I rescued an endangered Kakariki parrot from a cold dark garage and gave him a piece of paradise, going from a small cramp cage into an aviary where he now lives a more natural life with friends of his own kind and yet I still see them in pet shops cramped into tiny cages. 

Please do not buy a bird unless you have the correct accommodation to house them in, especially the Kakariki because they are the equivalent to our native magpie and you wouldn't dream of putting one of them in a cage now would you. All birds but especially the Kakariki, should have the room of an Aviary to fly in

Kakarikies are fantastic flyers and perhaps one of the best you will ever see in mid flight, they can turn and twist in the most amazing way.


Birds were given wings for a reason and it is so cruel to put them in a cage, so before you buy any bird species please have a think on how you would feel if you had wings but were put in a prison and could not use them. Just to let you know that the African grey is on the brink of extinction in the wild to, how terrible is that. 

I will keep you updated on our FB and twitter page in regard to our newest rescues and any future fostering. If you think you could foster a bird, then please get in touch for a chat with myself. or a member of my dedicated team. Thank you